Live from London : Uncle Vanya

Theatre-goers and film buffs will appreciate the hybrid film ‘Uncle Vanya (Live from London)’ that was filmed during the global pandemic. Directed by Ian Rickson, the classic Chekhov play was abruptly halted early last year when the entire world went into lockdown. However the ensemble cast starring Toby Jones as Uncle Vanya alongside Richard Armitage as Astrov, overcame the considerable challenges of working during this time, returning to the Harold Pinter Theatre to film the masterpiece.

Olivier Award-winner Conor McPherson’s stunning adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece, UNCLE VANYA, is a portrayal of life at the turn of the 20th century, full of tumultuous frustration, dark humour and hidden passions.

Don’t miss this astonishing combination of creative talent as they breathe new life into the treasured Chekhov classic. This is a must-see.  With most theatres still in darkness, the release of Uncle Vanya is brimming with hope and optimism for our future. 

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