It’s Pride Month!

It’s Pride Month and 2022 is extra special as the UK marks 50 years of Pride celebrations! With parades and parties taking place around the globe promoting the self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of the LGBTQ community. But how much do you know about the global event and its roots? We’ll be giving away US$100 Karma Concierge credit vouchers to three lucky winners who’ll be announced on 12 July on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. Now a famous talk show host, which TV personality played the first starring character on a TV sitcom to come out as a lesbian?

    2. What year were the Stonewall Riots?

    3. Billy Porter made history, becoming the first gay, black man to win an Emmy - What show did he win his Emmy for?

    4. Which city is generally agreed to be the unofficial ‘gay capital’ of the UK?

    5. Which country holds the record for the world’s largest pride parade?

    6. Drag Race is hosted by the renowened Ru Paul, who is his longest running secondary judge?

    7. What is the name of the festival in Manchester (UK) that celebrated gender identity?

    8. What was the first European country to legalize same-sex marriage?

    9. The rainbow flag is a symbol of LGBTQ pride - what do rainbows represent?

    10. Which of the following American presidents were the first to officially recognize Pride month?

    11. Which poet/playwright was sentenced to prison for the crime of ‘homosexuality’?

    12. Which US sitcom portrayed the first lesbian marriage?

    13. What famous street is located in the gay village of Manchester?

    14. What does GLF stand for?

    15. Which city hosts one of the most well-know Mardi Gras celebrations?

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    1. To be a winner, are we expected to get all the questions correct, or do we all have the same odds on winning just by participating…??… Thanks…

      1. Hi Mr Clayton, yes a score of 15/15 is required to be the winner – if there are no perfect scores then 14/15 etc.. – Good luck and thank you for participating!

      1. More than welcome Mrs Johnson, thank you for your engagement – What wonderful stories you must have from each destination and culture!

    2. Thanks for the comps.. we have visited Brighton, Brazil, the Netherlands and New Orleans on our wonderful holidays.

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