Herbs, Spice & Something Nice…

It’s National Herbs and Spices day on June 10th – diminutive they may be tucked away in your spice rack – but they pack a flavourful punch and as we continue to learn, have some incredible health benefits! Here we take you on a deep dive into all things herby and spicy – and there’ll be goodie packed spice hampers for three lucky winners – announced on 21 June on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. What is the main herb found in pesto?

    2. Name the herb that is not only very aromatic but is wonderfully soothing for sleep and anxieties…

    3. What was one of the earliest spices traded, as early as 2000BC?

    4. When Columbus found the ‘New World’ this wasn’t his original intention - What was the name of the place he initially wanted to find?

    5. Today, roughly what percentage does India contribute to global spice production?

    6. Which of the following early civilisations is believed to be the first to turn mustard seeds into a condiment by experimenting?

    7. Which of these herbs is not commonly drunk in liquid form?

    8. Other than India, which country is Tumeric by large native to?

    9. Of the following spices, which will you NOT find in Jamaican Jerk?

    10. Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus - But, if you were to eat Saffron rice, what colour would it be?

    11. Peppers are rated on a ‘hotness scale’ - Can you name the scale’s official name?

    12. True or False, when cooking you should add herbs at the start of the cooking process?

    13. Which is the first most expensive spice in the world?

    14. What is the world’s hottest pepper?

    15. Which herb is often mixed with pork, especially when cooking sausages?

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    1. Love all the Karma Resorts. Have had many wonderful holidays and hopefully many more to come

      1. We have been enjoying our Vacations at various Karma Resorts, since so many years. Thankyou

    2. We enjoy the quizes, my wife loved the spice quiz as she loves cooking. We love all the Karma resorts, and are looking forward to visiting new ones very soon, Karma Apsara, Karma Merapi , Karma Salak and Karma Kandara.

      1. That’s wonderful Mr & Mrs Gains, we appreciate your participation – Our resorts are filling up quickly now that travel is back with a bang, we duly recommend booking your next adventure now!

    3. This was a fun quiz! We are booked to travel in October and stay in numerous Karma resorts. The days can’t pass fast enough!
      I have never won any competition in my life – maybe one day I might get lucky enough with a Karma quiz? Lol… Probably not…

      1. Time will fly and it’ll be October before we know it! Thank you for taking part and best of luck!

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