Cool for Cats Quiz

Its International Cat Day today ( 08 Aug ) and what better occasion to remind people about how the adorable species contributes to the betterment of the planet. From ancient Egyptian icon to internet meme the humble house cat (ok, not so humble) has been a fixture in human communities and culture for thousands of years… but how much do you know about our longstanding feline friends?

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    1. True or False? Cats typically purr because they want attention.

    2. Which famous genius invented the cat flap?

    3. What do you call a group of cats?

    4. How many whiskers does the average cat have on each side of its face?

    5. Which Egyptian goddess is pictured as a cat or as a woman with the head of a cat?

    6. Roughly how fast can a domestic cat run in short bursts (MPH)?

    7. True or False? A cat was the mayor of a town in Alaksa for 20 years.

    8. If a cat swishes its tail about, what are they trying to tell you?

    9. How many eyelids does a cat's eye have?

    10. What is special about Manx cats?

    11. Cats are unable to taste which of the following kinds of food?

    12. According to superstition, what can crossing a black cat bring?

    13. Which of these famous felines made his national debut in 1978?

    14. One human year is approximately equivalent to how many cat years?

    15. At what age is a cat no longer considered a kitten?

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    1. I appreciate that the judge’s decision is final, but i disagree with some of you answers. One glaring example is the “good luck” or “bad luck”. Ive always thought and found black cats crossing my path to be good luck and have always befriended them without any bad luck befalling me

      1. We love black cats – In fact, we have a lovely black cat residing by the Karma Concierge Bali office! That question is based on archaic Catholic superstitions and we’re happy to hear you had great luck after seeing a black kitty.

    2. Thank you for another fun quiz – my apologies if there is more than one entry but when entering the internet was dropping in and out so I didn’t think my entry had gone through???

      1. Thank you for taking part, how was your cool cat knowledge? No worries at all – we have your entry registered. Good luck!

      1. We’re pleased you enjoyed taking part! What breed of cats do you have? Thanks for participating and best of luck!

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