Catch of the Day Quiz

August is National Fishing Month when the world ( well, the world’s anglers at least!)  celebrate all things fishing. Humans have been fishing since time immemorial, which is perhaps one of the reasons we find it such a relaxing activity – it’s in our DNA. But how much do you know about fish & fishing… as always two lucky winners will be announced on 16 August with fishing hampers as prizes…


    1. What is the only fresh-water fish (in the British Isles) that can swim backwards?

    2. Which type of fishing reel do most beginners use?

    3. True or False, an ‘angler’ is another term for ‘fisher’

    4. Which part of the reel provides resistance on the line

    5. Roughly how many species of fish are there?

    6. Which organ of fish helps them to be energetic?

    7. What is a fisher’s gear called that they use to catch fish?

    8. True or False, ‘Size 1’ is the smallest fishing hook?

    9. Which type of fishing hook is designed for easier ‘catch-and-release’ fishing?

    10. Which of the following is not in the trout family?

    11. Which type of fishing line is capable of the most stretch?

    12. In the fishing vocabulary, what is a leader?

    13. Which country has the world’s largest fishing industry?

    14. Approximately how many people in the world have reported their work to be a fisher?

    15. Which Karma Group Resort is on the banks of premier trout fishing waters? (and has an impressive malt collection!)

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