3 Epic Trips you can take today

From the glaciers of Alaska to the volcanoes of Hawaii, and the spectacular Northern Lights – Take yourself (and the family) on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure today. No tickets or accommodation required.

Kayak through Alaska’s glaciers and icebergs
Your tour begins with a peek into Exit Glacier, and takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Kayak through icebergs, melting glaciers and explore icy crevasses.

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Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii
This tour takes you to one of the most popular national parks in Hawaii – witness flowing lava, explore hidden caves and live volcanoes.

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Livestream the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Tonight
View the incredible view of lights dancing across the arctic sky from Churchill, Manitoba in Canada – considered one of the best places on earth to watch the spectacular atmospheric phenomenon known as the Northern Lights.

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