Karma Bavaria : 3 Amazing Summer Hikes

For those of you travelling to our Karma Bavaria resort this year, we know you will all want to get outdoors, exercise, and make the most of fresh Alpine mountain air. Here are three highly recommended trails for you to explore.

Family hike : Lake Schliersee – 8km (2 hours)
This is such a lovely and easy hike that is easily accessible from our Karma Bavaria resort. Meander around the lake and enjoy stunning mountain views and greenery. There’s fun fitness work-out stations along the way.  Pack your bathers and have a refreshing dip along the way and enjoy a local beer at the end. This is the perfect outing for the entire family.

König-Maximilian-Weg at Wendelstein – (12.5 k’s – 6 hours)
For those of you seeking a more challenging endeavor, then this six hour iconic hike is sure to invigorate and inspire. You get up to 1,196 metres in altitude so be prepared for some spectacular views of the Alps. Pack your hiking shoes and a picnic! The hike is dedicated to famous King Maximilian of Bavaria.

Grindelalm Hike (12k’s – 4 hours)
You begin this hike in Hausham that is close to Karma Bavaria. It’s a great climb up the mountains with pathways through beautiful Bavarian forest. During the hike, you get to experience different incredible views of the incredible landscape that is unique to Bavaria – bring a picnic!

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