The Inside Track with John Spence

After a few weeks hiatus during which he’s been extremely busy travelling, Karma Group Chairman John Spence returns with exciting news and updates from across the Karma universe. In Margaret River, work will soon commence on a brand new property complete with Karma winery – this is one of our favourite destinations in Australia so we’re excited to bring this new offering online. More immediately, John Spence was recently in Carcassonne where he and other Karma Group senior management celebrated the official opening of Karma Château de Samary – one of the destinations in our on-going Karma Curated Experience Series after our sold-out Tuscan Weekend. He also previews Karma Karnak – our Nile cruise ship that will launch in October after some significant upgrades. News too for Karma Group Owners, with plans for a series of intimate parties round the world, while John also has his eyes on Sri Lanka as a great destination in the future, despite its current woes. On the philanthropy and arts side of things, there’s a new partnership with Cirque du Soleil to support water accessibility around the world, while Karma Group is also supporting a high profile literary festival and connecting with a certain legendary long distance runner with an incredible back story…  


    1. It’s always John Spence’s pleasure to meet his Karma Group friends and family. Keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming Curated Experiences and Member meet-ups in Australia!

  1. Great to hear from you again John.
    Certainly some exciting stuff coming down the line.
    Thanks and happy father’s day

    1. We can’t wait to help our Members use their Membership to its full potential, now that travel is back in full swing – And where better than new and exciting destinations like Sri Lanka and Egypt (to name a few)! Happy Fathers Day Mr Beirne.

  2. Wonderful news about Margaret River… we are actually in Margaret River ATM for my birthday. There is such a variety of things to do in this area – we can’t wait to have Karma. In Margaret River!

    Karma Kaynak – great news and can’t wait to be there in October 2023

    1. We hope you’re having a fabulous time there, if you have any suggestions of your favourite activities and spots there that we could connect with, don’t hesitate to let us know! Roll on October’s Egypt adventure!

    2. We too looking very much forward to meeting up with John when he is here in WA .
      Re things to do in Margaret River …. Love the degustation @ Rustico Restaurant at Hayshed, Winery!
      Also a great new deli in Main Street of MR selling local produce and making her own chutneys etc… would be fantastic if Karma connected with her to use her produce.
      So many great options in MR – our favourites are
      Three sisters gin distillery
      Margaret River diary – great cheeses
      Bettenay nougat and winery cafe
      Rustico Degustation
      Also loved the quaintness of Cowerup Town and a trip to Cape Lueewin
      …..this scratches the service – I think for Karma to have a small bus and to do wine and produce tours would be great

  3. Hi John,
    Really pleased to receive this update. As an Aussie I’m particularly interested in your plans for Australia. Great to hear that the Margaret River resort is progressing on a firm footing, however members in the eastern states are desperate to have a resort there – my personal preference being in North Queensland.
    If you do come to Australia it would be great to meet you. How about a meeting in each capital city?
    Looking forward to hear more positive news.

    1. Hi Mr Kelly, we hope you like what you’ve seen so far in the video’s sneak peek! Thank you for the suggestion of North Queensland, it is well noted. Plus, a fantastic idea for the capital city meet-ups; we are sure John Spence will plan something unmissable!

  4. I am not a Karma member but always like watching John’s reports .
    The way he has kept in contact with Karma members and others during the pandemic is a credit to him .
    Hope to stay at one of the karma resorts soon .
    Cheers Roy w Vodden

    1. Hi Mr Vodden, that’s lovely to hear thank you for your kind words – Please do contact us via email or Facebook if you would like to become a Member, or need assistance booking a resort stay as a non-member!

  5. We are so excited about Karma Margaret River. Perfect for a weekend getaway as its right on our doorstep. Would be lovely to meet John Spence again.Last time was CHRISTMAS in Karma Baravia 2019 before covid hit .
    Regards Karen and Mal Gennoe

    1. We agree Mrs Gennoe, we can’t wait to reveal more exciting details! We’re sure you and John will have lots to catch up on since 2019, stay tuned for future events and experiences in Australia!

      1. Though a relatively new Karma Member but hearing from John is a delight. Have been to couple of Karma properties in India and Thailand and one thing which is is common and great is “Hospitality”. Love to be a Karma member and wish this journey continues for long.

  6. Brilliant first time I have heard John it was brilliant hearing what he had to say. Very exciting things on the way love the fact woopee WA Magaret River would live more in WA love Karma

    1. If you visit the Karma Group YouTube channels there are lots more Chairman Session videos on there too! We’re glad you’re as excited as we are, more details coming soon!

    1. Unfortunately Mr. Spence was unable to make his trip to India as he wanted to, Mahesh. Through the Karma Community we’ll definitely send updates on his future travel plans! #staytuned

  7. Appreciate for all his dedications and efforts for exploring one of the best destinations on this beautiful earth. Will be glad
    to meet and share ideas with him if Mr. John Spence can spare few minutes as he is planning to visit Mumbai in the month of …. July as mentioned.

    1. Unfortunately and on account of unavoidable circumstances, Mr. Spence was not able to make his way to India. Mr. Spence loves to interact with our Karma Group members and hear from them so stay tuned for updates on when he can travel to India. We hope it’s soon too! 🙂

  8. Hello
    Nice to hear from Mr. Spence. Would like to share some views with Karma that we r not having property in north east region in India and there r very less properties in India itself as compared to club Mahindra. Would request Mr. John Spence to open up some properties in India also. Also there r no properties in north India which is very famous and favourite tourist destination, having properties in Himachal Pradesh Jammu n kashmir would be very good. Hope to see Karma at these destinations soon.

    1. We’re always looking to add more Karma properties to our Karma Resorts portfolio, Shyamal! We’ve noted your suggestions and have passed them along to our Acquisitions Team. Thank you!

  9. We expect resorts in Jammu Kashmir and leh in north india
    It is most favorable location in india

    1. Thank you for your suggestions, Pramod! Our team is always on the lookout for places of interest to our Karma Group Members. We will definitely ask them to put these on their list.

  10. Does Karma have an events/accomodation package for the Edinburgh Tattoo. Would be good to combine this event with a stay at Menteith.

    1. Hi Mr Karczewski, we don’t have anything specific at this time but what a wonderful suggestion, we can definitely look into it! Karma Lake of Menteith is very busy during the summer months until October and we recommend booking in advance, let us know if you need any assistance with this!

  11. Looking forward to Margaret River opening up very soon we hope . Would love to meet John Spence when he is in WA .

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, stay tuned for more news coming soon. We’re definite that John Spence would love to toast with you Mrs MacMillan!

  12. I am a Karma Member and visited three properties of Karma. I have just visited Karma sunshine village Bengaluru. I liked the concept of a rural retreat. It will be a nice Idea to bring few properties in north and North east India. Suggested places are Varanasi, Rishikesh, Sikkim, Manipur. Leh and Srinagar.

    1. We’re thrilled to hear you enjoyed the uniqueness of Karma Sunshine Village Mr. Mishra! Thank you for your suggestions for places in North and North-East India that we can look into. Our Team is always looking for interesting properties to add to the Karma Resorts portfolio and we will pass this information along to them.

  13. Would like to meet John one day. Please let him know from me, that as a qualified homeopath there are 2 remedies that come to mind for his hayfever – Apis or Urtica urens. Would also love to chat about a business plan that incorporates qualified natural therapists into the resorts along with the massage and beauty options offered in the spas.

    1. Hi Sally, thank you for the suggestion that’s very helpful – We’re sure it would be his pleasure to meet you too. Our Karma Concierge will be in touch shortly to discuss this further!

  14. We have been Karma members now for some 7 years and am really pleased to see the world of Karma opening up, especially in the western hemisphere. We would be very interested in meeting John at one of the “Parties” he mentioned in his latest video. When will there be one in the UK ?

    1. It’s been our pleasure to have you in the Karma family for 7 years Mr & Mrs Walmsley – There will be more updates soon on John’s Member meet-up events, we’ll keep it well-noted that you’re interested in one in Southwest England!

  15. Dear John,
    First of all, thanks for the update. Secondly, did you have any success in acquiring any resorts in the Americas? As owners in Canada, we would now prefer to travel on this side of the world since we have already travelled on the other. I realize most of you members are from India and Australia but perhaps a Caribbean adventure is in their bucket list. Cheers!


    1. We are always on the lookout for new properties/acquisitions and your great suggestion for USA/Canada is well-noted Mr Hannem. In the meantime, we have lots of affiliate/external properties you can check out, let us know if you need assistance – We hope to get you to the Caribbean very soon!

  16. Our points are getting expired. We want to travel to Dubai. your tie up property in Dubai in exchange of points is not there after September.We are waiting for karma resort in Dubai.

    1. Hi Ronak

      Message me, will share some tips for you for your Dubai plan. I am here and could help. I am available at eight one three zero six three triple six eight.

  17. Dear John,
    Have just revisited your latest video and would like to say how much I enjoy them. My husband and I are both getting over Covid and it has really cheered me up. Your enthusiasm is an inspiration.
    We have been members for over 20 years. In that time we have seen your develop the Company in so many wonderful and exciting way, with such a great ethos.
    We were lucky to be chosen to go to beautiful Preverger last October, sensational and so very welcoming.
    We also had the pleasure of meeting you at Salford Hall. Yet again, you have got the ambiance etc spot on.
    We love all the new resorts you have opened, particularly those in Europe as we are now getting a little older. Having said that, we are booking to revisit Goa for some sunshine this coming Winter.
    Our last break was a recent visit to Lake Menteith. A great addition to the portfolio. Beautiful scenery, interesting area, lovely hotel, super food and superb, welcoming and kind staff. We understand that you will be instilling the ‘Karma magic’ this Winter when it will be refurbished so it will be even better for our next visit.
    We are looking to visit Carcasonne and possibly Greece next year but wonder also how Andalusia is progressing as we would love to go there too?
    Once again, thank you, John, and all your staff, for all you have done. You have certainly met the criteria of ‘creating those experiences’ for us. Long may you reign!

  18. Dear Mr and Mrs Nicholls, firstly we’re happy to read you are healthy and happy again after Covid!
    Thank you for being part of the Karma family for 2 decades and for your wonderful feedback. It was a delight to host you at the Preverger event and we’re so pleased you loved Scotland.
    We’re happy to announce we will be taking bookings for Karma La Herriza very soon, for the grand opening in June/July 2023!
    Let us know if you need any help at all booking Chateau de Samary and Minoan.

  19. Dear Mr. Spence,

    Please give serious consideration for a resort on Kangaroo Island South Australia. It is a fantastic island with numerous rare activities.

      1. After joining Karma a few years ago, my wife and I found ourselves trapped at home by covid lockdowns, until quite recently. We broke the drought by flying to Kerala recently, where we stayed for a week at Karma Chakra and then for a week at Karma Munnar. What great places to unwind they each are!
        Above and beyond everything else that was easy and comfortable, management and staff at both facilities deserve special mention. In every case, faces were full of warmth and kindness towards us and (it must be noted) they were full of praise and gratitude towards their employer. Happy management results in happy staff who guarantee happy guests.
        More than once staff went an extra mile to make sure our stay was as good as it could be, even chaperoning me to Kottyam for a haircut and my wife to a supermarket to buy a few small things that we had forgotten to pack.
        We greatly appreciated so much hospitality and we will surely be back.

  20. Hi Karma,
    It’s pleasure to be part of the family. The convivial atmosphere at Karma Sitabani was amazing and touching. l immediately took the membership. One of my suggestions is that Karma can create a beautiful property on the Chardham yatra route with Harsil being the best choice and create it for holistic therapeutic vacations like Ananda resort. lt will be a game changer. Just a loud thought. Simultaneously Ayurveda and Yoga can be assimilated in the resort profile. Presently Spas are there but l am hinting at retreats.

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