John Spence unveils brand new resort acquisitions!

Tune into this message from Karma Group Founder and Chairman John Spence as he shares news of an exciting new resort acquisition in India’s stunning Western Ghat mountains – a firm favourite for Honeymooners. Plus destination updates, travel insights and more as we look forward to an action packed 2022 filled with unforgettable experiences and entertainment. There’s a host of Karma lifestyle products soon to be launched including Karma curated events, a Nile cruise experience and another new resort soon to launch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Finally, we kindly ask you to join us as we toast to the wonderful life of the late, long-standing Karma Group employee Frank Van Arsdale.


  1. Good news for Karma global, however Western Australia will be without a location after May 2022. There are rumours but would like to know what’s on foot.
    John & Val

      1. A personal note to John Spence.
        While Karma Rottnest chapter closes there are many good memories for Western Australia.
        Thank you John for sponsoring the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Rottnest Channel Swim, the renowned world’s biggest open water event.
        You may not be aware that of the event had humble beginnings. The first solo (20km) was in 1956. When I swam solo in 1989 there were only 4 of us swimming that day. My car number plate is RCSA18 representing the 18th solo.
        I, with others set about to officially organise the event after my second solo in 1990. Rottnest Channel Swim Association was formed in 1991 with myself as inaugural president. One of our goals was to displace the then Avon River decent as Western Australia’s iconic event. We achieved that in our 4th year. Today the event is capped at 3500 competitors. So thank John for your generous support.
        Val and I purchased a membership in 2020 just 2 week’s before Covid-19. However, not to be perturbed we had 2 weeks Rottnest holidays and two weeks with Karma Nomad covering our SW and Gascoyne wildflower regions. We now have 2 weeks coming up in July in Bali, namely Sanur and Candidasa. In 2023 weeks in Borgo Italy, Carcassonne, Salford Hall and Scotland.
        So John, congratulations on developing a wonderful enterprise. Your humanity is well not during these recent tough times.
        We are so looking forward to our Karma adventure before dementia.
        Love to meet you some day.
        Best regards John Whitehead and Valma Breen.

      1. We would like to assure you that as a Group we are committed to finding more properties in the region, and have all our fingers crossed to find the perfect acquisition asap – Thank you for your understanding

      2. Please consider Kangaroo Island South Australia, it is a terrific island & easily accessible by air or by ferry.

  2. Yes love to know what’s happening in Australia. We are heading to Rottnest this week and again in May.

    1. Hi Mr and Mrs Johnson, we are actively & hastily looking for new acquisitions and experiences in Australia – When we find the perfect one/s we will be sure to make an announcement, thank you for your patience!

  3. Just been to Karma Rottnest and found out that Karma will not exist in WA/Rottnest after April – such a shame as I loved it and had been there for the last few years. Devastated really ! Would have loved to continue there rather than overseas

    1. Hi Elke, yes unfortunately after the bidding lease to keep the property it was sadly no longer part of Karma Group – and will be hugely missed. But very soon we are hoping and aiming to have a new property & experience in Australia!

  4. Thanks for coming up with new property at Munar Kerala. We would love to explore to this property very soon.

  5. Dear Mr.John Spence.
    Greetings from Bangalore. India.
    We joined Prestige Holiday Resort’s pvt ltd way back in 1994 when you opened the marketing of Karma Royal at Cunningham road, Bangalore.
    Our trust in the Prestige Holiday Resort’s have given us memorable holiday experience in Goa and other places. Thank you for the same.
    We loved visiting the Karma Royal properties with family almost every year at Royal palms, Hathi Mahal, Karma property in Bali, Indonesia, Karma Royal property at Boat club in Phuket, Thailand. From regular membership we moved into Fractional owner group in September 2021. We have been rewarded with fantastic holiday at the Karma resort’s and love to enjoy the properties coming up in the year’s to come.
    We wish to place on record excellent service extended by Mrs.Neha Sharma, General Manager at Royal palms and Mr.Manoj at Hathi Mahal. Looking forward to meeting you personally at Goa in 2022.
    Congratulations on your adding exotic properties for the benifit of Regular members and Fractional owner group.

    1. On behalf of our Chairman, Mr. John Spence and all of us at the Karma Group, we’d like to express our thanks for being part of this Karma family! We look forward to our continued association and we do hope the Karma Group continues to be part of your wonderful holiday memories. Thank you for your kind words and good wishes!

  6. Thanks to Karma group for bringing properties in Munnar & Dubai… Though we will miss Western Australia… there will be new Dawn in Carribbean…

    1. We’re hopeful and excited for all the new Karma properties on the horizon, Sarika! Our teams are working hard to make them happen. In the meantime, Karma Munnar is almost ready to welcome our Karma Group Members and we look forward to welcoming you there soon! 🙂

  7. I think property selectors must questioned about this aquisition as its not of a Karma standard resort, i would say its not even a resort its just a little hotel in place like munnar where we find all resorts with vast space. So dear team please maintain the standard of our Karma group before choosing any new property. Good Wishes in advance…

    1. I fully support the views rendered by you Mr.Brijesh as i was disappointed while staying in the Munnar resort, as its not at all a resort but just a 3* hotel much away from actual Munnar.

  8. Great news indeed and so happy to be a Karma member for many decades now. I hope that the Philippines is still in the plan.

      1. Am soooo looking forward to this. I love Karma group! My kids have grown up with Karma vacations .

  9. We too have been waiting with much anticipation on the update on The Karma Margaret River …. Imagine how much easier it will be for travellers to The Margaret River Region now with flights into Busselton (direct from Melbourne ATM) …. Hoping for a positive update soon. Sadly we are planning our week in Rottnest in May – our last Karma holiday there! Hoping Karma provide some great farewell functions for members and staff during this final week.

    Love our Karma experiences and are looking forward to returning to Bali soon

    1. Thank you for your feedback Mrs Robb, we hope you have a wonderful time at Karma Rottnest on the closing week – and we look forward to welcoming you back to Bali next year!!

  10. We just arrived in Scliersee the year around holiday resort of Karma.. We joined by chance when we were in Bali during 2005. Initially we were skeptical about it but now after excellent support from Haati Mahal, Goa and Schliersee we are enjoying Karma holidays. My children will enjoy after us since we are getting old and will be traveling less and less. Hope Karma provides more facilities for youngsters so that families of Karma Residency Members can use it for their families in future.

    1. We’re so glad to hear how much you are enjoying your Karma membership and the Karma properties around the world, Sugavanam! At Karma, we strive to create the best experiences and holiday memories and we’re glad to have hit the mark with you and your family. Please rest assured that we are constantly looking for ways to create better experiences for the whole family and that your children will continue to enjoy the benefits of your membership with us.

  11. It’s great to hear that you are looking for places closer to North America. It would be great if you looked on the west coast of the Americas as we live near Vancouver, Canada and it is a long trip to any Karma resort from here. We are now fractional owners and are eager to travel again to experience the excellent hospitality Karma provides. So far we have enjoyed Kandara, Mayura, Candidasa, Sanur, Jimbaran, Reef, Hoi An, and Apsara. It would be helpful for members to have tutorial videos showing us how to use our access to internal and external resort opportunities and any new features that Karma implements. We really want to get the most out of our ownership. Congrats to all for riding out this pandemic. Blessings.

    1. Thank you for your feedback and wonderful suggestions, they are well noted Mr Hannem! We’re delighted to hear you’re well-travelled so far and looking forward to you seeing further Karma destinations!

  12. Hi there Is Karma Rottnest not going to be there anymore? We heard a rumour there was going to be a glamping spot in Margaret River. Is this correct>

    1. Hi Mrs Vanderplank, sadly Karma Rottnest will no longer be part of the Group from the end of May, as we unfortunately lost the bid to keep the property’s lease. That correct! We do have plans to develop land in Margaret River and will announce further details as soon as possible.

  13. Itr is a good news that you are going to open new facility in Dubai. I thni this is your first venture into Gulf, which will be very useful for the your midlloeeast customers’ I am one of our clients nbased in Bahrain.

    Wish you all the best

    1. Yes. We’re all excited about the new venture in Dubai. As our Chairman says, it’s a fantastic destination in itself but also an excellent transit stop. We look forward to welcoming you there soon, Devdas!

  14. Very dissapointing we were going to book Rotternest island for next year because we have points expiring soon, I think you seriously need to give options for Australians in Australia that are not required to travel overseas who don’t wants to travel the world all the time to get some value out of membership very dissapointing I’m sure you have a lot of Australian members that brought membership in Bali so look after your Australian members with some options

    1. Hi Mr Bowering, we apologise for any disappointments caused by the closing of Karma Rottnest – and are also very sad to lose the property too; however, we can assure you that as a Group we are actively looking for properties across Australia – as well as the rest of the Southeast Asia region.

  15. WiFi availability at Karma Bavaria:
    I have requested for some accommodation at Karma Bavaria from Oct 23 to Oct 28,2022 ( 5 nights ). I have been offered options of Deluxe Suite in the Main Building and 1 BR Classic Suite.
    I had problem with Internet connectivity during my last stay at Karma Bavaria. I was very happy with the surroundings and the excellent breakfast. However, Wi Fi availability was poor in the 2 BR allotted to me. As such, I had to be moved to 2 rooms in the main building where Internet availability was good.
    My overall stay last time at Karma Bavaria was otherwise very pleasant and I took several excursions arranged by the Resort which also were very pleasant.
    My comments is a request for improvement in the WiFi availability at an otherwise very pleasant resort.

  16. i am one of your member of karma , our ticked for Phuket i.e from 27 oct 2022 to 04 nov 2022 (which is Non Refundable) and when called the booking department we came to know that Karma Royal Boat Lagoon is Permanently closed
    this is our first international trip requesting you to please assist for the same

  17. Glad to hear you and Karma came out of the pandemic intact and stronger John. Commiserations to everyone who knew Frank Van Arsdale…Such a generous man and someone I am proud to say was my freind. RIP Frank

    1. Thank you for your kind words Robbie, we hope the same for you too. Indeed, a true honour to have known Frank for many years!

  18. Hi John, I am in real estate industry since 2011 , recently I shared a good property to your team jaipur… The property is located in Western Rajasthan and having good accommodation of app 60 ready AC rooms and all other facility required for a hotel like you. Probably they have shared the same to your acquisition team… I feel that it could be a very good property option of your valuable hotel chain … Please look into it as the client is being approached by some hotel group of Delhi NCR. Please call me on my given number if you need any assistance as the client of that property is in my direct touch .

  19. Hi John… Sudhanshu this side from Rajasthan ( India).. I have good property at western Rajasthan for hotel and my client wants to sale it on very nominal price… My number is 09829065560 … Please ask your team person of india to call me to proceed further if feel suitable…

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