US Rowers Sculling in Scilly

The May Bank Holiday weekend witnessed an exhilarating display of oarsmanship and head-to-head competition as the 2024 World Pilot Gig Championships (WPGC) descended upon the picturesque Isles of Scilly. This renowned event, steeped in Cornish rowing tradition, attracts teams from across the globe to compete in thrilling races that can stretch anywhere from 3 to 20 miles along the stunning Scilly coastlines.

Among the contenders was an American team hailing from Belfast’s Come Boating, a spirited community organisation dedicated to the joys of rowing. Their Super Vets team, comprising seasoned rowers ranging from the ages of 56 to 71 years young, made their mark on this international stage – a new destination for all of them –  under the skilled coxing of Logan Perkins.

We’re delighted to report that the Come Boating crew found a home away from home at our very own Karma St. Martin’s: the perfect setting from some beachfront post-rowing R&R with its ocean-view accommodation and, award-winning dining at the Sir Cloudesley Shovell restaurant.

We hope that the Karma Group Members staying with us over the weekend enjoyed witnessing the thrill of competition, Cornish culture and cosmopolitan camaraderie while basking in the luxury of Karma’s world-class amenities.

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